Meet Gerry, the passionate plant enthusiast and writer behind this blog. With a love for plants deeply ingrained in her family and culture, she has taken her passion to the next level by creating a space to share her plant knowledge and insights with the world. With dozens of vibrant plants adorning her own home, Gerry is an expert in caring for and cultivating plants of all kinds. And she’s certified in medicinal plants from Cornell University!

Growing up in a Caribbean family of farmers, Gerry has always been surrounded by plants and the traditional knowledge that comes with cultivating them. As a result, loves to share ancestral knowledge of traditional plant recipes for skincare, beauty and much more. This is in the hopes of preserving valuable knowledge for future generations.

This blog is a testament to Gerry’s dedication to educating others on how to care for plants, choose the best ones for their homes, and improve the air quality and mood of their spaces. Join her on her journey as she inspire others to bring a little bit of nature into their everyday lives.